Traffic Engineering Communities

We use BGP Extended Communities to provide traffic-engineering control down to each ASN.

The communities below will be stripped while exporting to our transit providers and peering partners to reduce the load of control plane.

DescriptionBGP Extended Community
Don't announce to peering partnersrt, 65009, 65100
Don't announce to transit providersrt, 65009, 65000
Announce to specific ASrt, 65000, ASN
Don't announce to specific ASrt, 65009, ASN
Prepend 1x to specific ASrt, 65001, ASN
Prepend 2x to specific ASrt, 65002, ASN
Prepend 3x to specific ASrt, 65003, ASN

For example, use the communities below if you want to disable all our transit providers excluding Lumen:

bgp_ext_community.add((rt, 65009, 65000));
bgp_ext_community.add((rt, 65000, 3356));

Third-Party BGP Communities

Below is a list of BGP communities provided by our transit providers and IX route servers.

Please note that we have no control over these communities, so we can't guarantee that they will always be available. Also, not all of our providers have them publicly available. Please contact us for access to these documents if you need them.

One Step (opens in a new tab) maintains a list of BGP communities for many transit providers, which you can check if you need more information.

Transit Providers

IX Route Servers