Peering Information

You can find more information about our network on PeeringDB (opens in a new tab).

Peering Policy (AS917, AS57695) has a generally open peering policy. We welcome all peers in all locations where we are present.

Peers should meet the following criteria:


  • All peers must maintain a 24×7 contactable NOC.
  • Peers are encouraged to provide access to a Looking Glass and join the NLNOG RING (opens in a new tab) or RIPE Atlas (opens in a new tab) to facilitate troubleshooting.
  • Peers should not point a gateway of last resort or default route directed towards our session. We may blackhole your MAC address without prior notice if you do so.
  • MD5 use is discouraged but can be configured if required.
  • We reserve the right to suspend peering for an indefinite period of time for any kind of abuse, DDoS, etc.
  • Remote peering is discouraged but can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

IX Peering

  • Peers must establish BGP sessions with all neighbors and enable multiple routing when multiple connections exist.

Private Peering

  • Both parties agree to review the capacity on a regular basis and to increase it as required.
  • The peer should use reasonable endeavours to provide us with advance notice of any planned maintenance work that will affect the PNI circuits.

Internet Exchanges

MarketCodeDatacenterInternet ExchangeCapacity
USIAD01Equinix DC10Equinix Ashburn10Gbps
USSJC10Equinix SV10Equinix San Jose10Gbps
USFMT02Hurricane Electric FMT2FCIX10Gbps
USSEA02Westin Building ExchangeSIX Seattle10Gbps
USSEA02Westin Building ExchangeSIX Seattle (Jumbo)10Gbps
USMCI011530 SwiftKCIX40Gbps
USMCI011530 SwiftSTLIX40Gbps
USMCI011530 SwiftHOUIX40Gbps
USMIA02ColoHouse MiamiFL-IX10Gbps
BRSAO03Equinix ( São Paulo10Gbps
ZAJNB01Teraco JB1NAPAfrica IX Johannesburg10Gbps
DEFRA08mainCubes FRA01DE-CIX Frankfurt1Gbps
GBLON07Docklands Data CentreLINX LON11Gbps
GBLON07Docklands Data CentreLONAP1Gbps
ESMAD02Interxion MAD2DE-CIX Madrid1Gbps
ESMAD02Interxion MAD2DE-CIX Lisbon100Mbps
RUMOW01MMTS-9PITER-IX St. Petersburg10Gbps

See PeeringDB (opens in a new tab) for more information on our IX information.

Private Peering Locations

USIAD01Equinix DC1Campus Cross-Connect
USIAD01Equinix DC2Campus Cross-Connect
USIAD01Equinix DC3Campus Cross-Connect
USIAD01Equinix DC4Campus Cross-Connect
USIAD01Equinix DC5Campus Cross-Connect
USIAD01Equinix DC6Campus Cross-Connect
USIAD01Equinix DC10Cross-Connect
USIAD01Equinix DC11Campus Cross-Connect
USIAD01Equinix DC12Campus Cross-Connect
USIAD01Equinix DC15Campus Cross-Connect
USIAD01Equinix DC16Campus Cross-Connect
USIAD01Equinix DC21Campus Cross-Connect
USEWR02Equinix NY2Cross-Connect
USEWR02Equinix NY4Campus Cross-Connect
USEWR02Equinix NY5Campus Cross-Connect
USEWR02Equinix NY6Campus Cross-Connect
USEWR02Evoque SecaucusCross-Connect
USMIA02ColoHouse MiamiCross-Connect
USDAL11Equinix DA1Campus Cross-Connect
USDAL11Equinix DA2Campus Cross-Connect
USDAL11Equinix DA3Campus Cross-Connect
USDAL11Equinix DA6Campus Cross-Connect
USDAL11Equinix DA11Cross-Connect
USCHI02CoreSite CH1Campus Cross-Connect
USCHI02CoreSite CH2Cross-Connect
USSJC10Equinix SV1Campus Cross-Connect
USSJC10Equinix SV5Campus Cross-Connect
USSJC10Equinix SV10Cross-Connect
USSJC10Equinix SV11Campus Cross-Connect
USFMT02Hurricane Electric FMT2Cross-Connect
USLAX02CoreSite LA1Campus Cross-Connect
USLAX02CoreSite LA2Cross-Connect
USLAX02CoreSite LA3Campus Cross-Connect
USLAX07West 7 CenterCross-Connect
USSEA02Westin Building ExchangeCross-Connect
USMCI011530 SwiftCross-Connect
UKLON07Docklands Data CentreCross-Connect
UKLON07Cyxtera London (LHR2B)Cross-Connect
UKLON08Equinix LD8Cross-Connect
NLAMS05Equinix AM5Cross-Connect
NLAMS05Equinix AM7Campus Cross-Connect
NLAMS05Equinix AM11Campus Cross-Connect
DEBER02euNetworks BerlinCross-Connect (BMMR)
DEBER033U Telecom BerlinCross-Connect (BMMR)
ZAJNB01Teraco JB1Cross-Connect
HKHKG12Equinix HK1Campus Cross-Connect
HKHKG12Equinix HK2Cross-Connect
HKHKG12Equinix HK3Campus Cross-Connect
TWTPE01Chief LYCross-Connect
TWTPE01Chief HDCampus Cross-Connect
JPNRT04Equinix TY2Campus Cross-Connect
JPNRT04Equinix TY6Campus Cross-Connect
JPNRT04Equinix TY7Campus Cross-Connect
JPNRT04Equinix TY8Cross-Connect
SGSIN03Equinix SG1Campus Cross-Connect
SGSIN03Equinix SG3Cross-Connect