At, we are dedicated to enhancing our infrastructure continually. Stay updated with our most recent changes and advancements on this page.

September 2023

As of August 2023, we embarked on a transition from Intel-based servers to those powered by AMD. This strategic change promises to substantially amplify the performance of our services.

Simultaneously, we are updating our network core to the Arista 7280R series routers. Such a move is projected to bolster the stability and reliability of our services. After that, we'll be equipped to offer 100Gbps ports across all our locations. Furthermore, users will have the convenience of overriding the routing policy either via our API or the console.

Below is an outline of completed upgrades and deployments:

  • BER02 Speedbone (Berlin, Germany)

    • Network Enhancements

      • 10Gbps NL-IX and Joint Transit
      • MPLS-based network has been deployed
      • A new PoP at the Interxion Frankfurt campus is slated for deployment and will be interconnected with Speedbone. This will enhance our network redundancy. An alternative route towards CN2 GIA (opens in a new tab) and CUG (opens in a new tab) via Frankfurt will be available post-deployment.
    • Hardware Upgrades

      • All servers have been upgraded to AMD EPYC 7003 series processors
  • LAX02 CoreSite LA2 (Los Angeles, California, United States)

  • LAX07 The Garland Center (Los Angeles, California, United States)

    • We have successfully connected the data center to CoreSite LA2 through dark fiber, enabling us to serve IP transit customers at this site.
  • FMT02 Hurricane Electric Fremont 2 (Fremont, California, United States)

    • We're currently in the process of interconnecting Hurricane Electric Fremont 2 with Equinix SV10 through a leased wavelength. Once finalized, we'll be ready to accommodate IP transit customers here.
  • HKG12 Equinix HK2 (Hong Kong)

    • We're now moving our network cores to a dedicated rack and adding 2 more 100Gbps IP transit ports to this location.
  • NRT04 Equinix TY8 (Tokyo, Japan)

    • We're now moving our network cores to a dedicated rack and adding 2 more 100Gbps IP transit ports to this location.
    • Also, backbone between Eqinix TY8 and CoreSite LA2 will be available after this upgrade.

October 2023

  • Starting 10 October 2023, we'll no longer count both inbound and outbound traffic towards the monthly bandwidth quota in Edge locations. Instead, only traffic of higher direction will be counted. This change applies to all existing and new services.

  • NRT04 Equinix TY8 (Tokyo, Japan)

    • BBTower (including IIJ and Lumen) and Softbank transit are now available as a part of our Premium Network Blend.
    • EPYC offerings are now available in this location and all existing services have been upgraded.
    • Backbone between Equinix TY8 and Equinix HK2 is now ready for use.