Mid-2023 Price Updates

Mid-2023 Price Updates

We wanted to give you a heads-up about some changes in our pricing. Due to inflation and energy prices going up over the last year, our colocation provider, Equinix, has had to adjust their rates, and the new rates are expected to be effective starting May 2023.

On top of that, our China IP transit providers have informed us about significant price hikes. With the increased power and space costs, we need to adjust our prices for S2P services in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Products Affected

  • Standard NVMe (Gen2, WAN Latency Optimized) in Hong Kong
  • Standard NVMe (Gen2, WAN Latency Optimized) in Singapore

Price Change Details

All affected products that customers order starting on 1 May 2023 will have the new prices.

For current subscribers, the new pricing and traffic limits for all affected products will kick in on 1 June 2023.

If you have an annual subscription, don't worry—the changes will only apply on your next renewal date. Plus, if your renewal is on 1 May 2023, we'll give you a month of free service to make up for the price increase.

Where Can I See the New Prices?

Starting 1 May 2023, you can find the new prices for new orders on our website. From 23 April 2023, affected customers will receive an email with a link to a list of their products that they ordered and were brought online before 1 May 2023, along with their old and new prices.

The new prices for the S2P instances in Hong Kong and Singapore are:

Instance TypeOld PriceNew PriceOld TrafficNew Traffic [1]Old Max BandwidthNew Max Bandwidth [2]
S2P-1C1G$17.50$21.001 TiB0.7 TiB1 Gbps1 Gbps
S2P-1C2G$35.00$42.002 TiB1.4 TiB1 Gbps1 Gbps
S2P-2C3G$52.50$63.003 TiB2.1 TiB1 Gbps1 Gbps
S2P-2C4G$70.00$84.004 TiB2.8 TiB1 Gbps1 Gbps
S2P-4C6G$105.00$126.006 TiB4.2 TiB1 Gbps2 Gbps
S2P-4C8G$140.00$168.008 TiB5.6 TiB1 Gbps2 Gbps
S2P-6C12G$210.00$252.0012 TiB8.4 TiB1 Gbps2 Gbps
S2P-8C16G$280.00$336.0016 TiB11.2 TiB1 Gbps4 Gbps
S2P-8C24G$420.00$504.0024 TiB16.8 TiB1 Gbps4 Gbps
S2P-16C32G$560.00$672.0032 TiB22.4 TiB1 Gbps4 Gbps


  1. Traffic is calculated based on highest of either your inbound traffic or your outbound traffic

  2. The bandwidth limit only applies to Optimised Destinations. For other destinations, the bandwidth limit is still 10 Gbps. Please note that the bandwidth limit doesn't guarantee the actual bandwidth you can get, as it depends on many factors.

Would anything else change?

We are pleased to announce that we're working on replacing our S2 series servers (latest generations of Intel) with S3 series servers (AMD EPYC Milan) in Asia. This upgrade provides better value for money for our customers.

In addition, we have expanded our network by adding new carriers RETN and Telstra. This upgrade enhances resilience and improves overall network performance. With our carriers, you can now enjoy the lowest latency between Hong Kong and Europe.

Please note that the current IP transit providers for S2P instances in Hong Kong and Singapore will remain unchanged.

Not Happy with the Price Increase?

We understand that some customers may not be happy with the recent price increase. However, we believe that our products still offer great value for your money.

If you prefer to terminate your contract, you can cancel the services from our panel before May 25, 2023. This way, you can stop using the affected products before the new prices take effect. Unfortunately, we cannot continue to offer our services under the old terms.