IP Replacement

IP Replacement


IP replacement is only possible if all of the following conditions are met:

  • You have reachability problems with the IP you received and our support can confirm the problem.

It is not intended to be used to change your IP for any other reason including but not limited to:

The IP replacement service is subject to specific limitations designed to ensure it is used appropriately. Here’s a summary of the conditions and restrictions:

  • Specific Country Issues: Problems specific to reachability in Turkmenistan, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Sudan and North Korea do not qualify for an IP replacement.
  • Connection to Specific Websites: Inability to connect to particular websites like DAZN, TikTok, etc. is not a valid reason. Additionally, using our services to run TikTok bots is against our Terms of Service.
  • Geolocation Accuracy: Issues related to inaccurate IP geolocation are not covered.
  • Latency Problems: Latency issues with the assigned IP do not qualify for replacement.
  • Blocked Ports: If ports are blocked by specific countries or ISPs, it does not qualify for an IP replacement.

The IP replacement will be random, and there will be no option to specify a preferred prefix or IP address.


Monthly Billing Cycle

  • IP Replacement Cost: $5 USD each time.
  • Replacement Interval: At least 30 days between each replacement.

Annual Billing

  • IP Replacement Cost:
    • Free every 90 days.
    • $5 USD if more frequent than every 90 days, but still adhering to the 30-day interval rule.

Free IP Replacement for Blocked IPs

  • Eligible Products:

    • Hong Kong: All series excluding Lite
    • Taipei: All series excluding Lite
    • Tokyo: All series excluding Lite
    • Singapore: All series excluding Lite
    • San Jose: WAN Latency Optimized
    • Berlin: WAN Latency Optimized
    • Moscow: WAN Latency Optimized
  • Condition: The IP must be blocked at the time of activation.

  • Time Limit: Tickets must be opened within 12 hours upon activation

Additional Policies

  • Users with frequently blocked IPs, considered 'burner' accounts, will no longer receive free IP replacements, even if the IP is blocked at the time of activation.
  • Accounts owned by the same individual / legal entity will be considered as a single user.


  • Refunds: The IP replacement fee is non-refundable.