IP Replacement

IP Replacement


IP replacement is only possible if all of the following conditions are met:

  • You have reachability problems with the IP you received and our support can confirm the problem.

It is not intended to be used to change your IP for any other reason including but not limited to:

  • Reachability issues in Turkmenistan
  • Inability to connect to a specific website e.g. DAZN, TikTok, etc. Our ToS prohibit the use of our services to run TikTok bots.
  • Inaccurate IP Geolocation
  • Latency issues with the IP you received


  • Monthly Billing Cycle: IP Replacement costs $5 USD each time, 30 days between each replacement.
  • Annual Billing: Free IP Replacement is available every 60 days

IP Replacement fee is non-refundable.

Free IP replacement is possible for the products below if the IP was blocked when you get it.

  • Hong Kong (S2N & S2P)
  • Tokyo (S2N & S2P)
  • Singapore (S2N & S2P)
  • San Jose (S2P)
  • Berlin (S2C)
  • Moscow (S2C & S2A)

You must open tickets within 12 hours upon activation.