Instructions for troubleshooting connectivity issues

If you are experiencing connectivity issues with your server, please open a support ticket from the management console. Make sure to select the affected server if it's not a general issue.

Server is not reachable

If your server is not reachable, please check the following:

  1. Is the server powered on?

  2. Is the server's network interface up and configured properly? You can check this by logging into the server via the console. Please be advised that the console and VNC access are always available, even if the server is unreachable via the network.

  3. Is the server only unreachable from specific locations? You can use the following tools to check the server's reachability from different locations:

If the server is only unreachable from specific locations, it might be a routing issue. Please check the section Routing issues below.

If you are still have the problem, please open a support ticket (opens in a new tab). Choose "Cloud Server" as the category and make sure your server is selected in the "Instance" field.

Routing issues (Packet loss, high latency or low throughput)

Simple statements like "I have packet loss" or "I have high latency" are not enough to diagnose the issue. Please provide an MTR report with at least 30 packets with source and destination IP addresses. DO NOT MASK THE IP ADDRESSES as it would only make the diagnotics harder.


You can use the following tools to generate an MTR report:

Linux / macOS

MTR is a network diagnostic tool that combines the functionality of the traceroute and ping programs. It is available in most Linux distributions and can be installed with the following command:

Debian / Ubuntusudo apt install mtr
CentOS / RHELsudo yum install mtr
Fedorasudo dnf install mtr
Arch Linuxsudo pacman -S mtr
Gentoosudo emerge mtr
macOS (Homebrew)brew install mtr


Generate a report

Please follow the guidelines below to generate an MTR report:

  • Send at least 30 packets.
  • Run the test both ways (from your server to the destination and from the destination to your server). If bi-directional testing is not possible, please run the test from your server to the destination.

You can use the following command to create an MTR with Linux or macOS:

sudo mtr --report-wide --report-cycles=30 --show-ips <destination>

The test usually takes about 3-4 minutes. Once the test is complete, copy the output and paste it into the support ticket.

If you would like to know more about MTR, please refer to CloudFlare's documentation on how to read an MTR report (opens in a new tab)