Internal Services

Internal Services



IPv6: 2606:7140::53, 2606:7140::35

Powered by Anycast, so you're always routed to the nearest location. Network traffic outside of Misaka Network, Inc. will be routed to our node in Ashburn.

Please use the above DNS servers to ensure the best availability and performance. In some regions (Russia, Korea) public resolvers such as and don't work well due to latency or censorship. We may not be able to provide help if you're using other DNS servers.


Arch Linux (opens in a new tab)
CentOS (opens in a new tab)
Debian (opens in a new tab)
Debian Security (opens in a new tab)
EPEL (opens in a new tab)
Fedora (opens in a new tab)
Ubuntu (opens in a new tab)


  • Due to limited storage space, we use apt-cacher-ng (ACNG) (opens in a new tab) in most locations to cache hot packages instead of mirroring full repo.
  • We may limit the external bandwidth of some mirrors to prevent abuse. Please do not use it outside our network.