Frequently Asked Questions

Hello! Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. We're happy to help you with any questions you may have. Here are some answers to our most commonly asked questions:

What payment methods do you accept?

We offer payment options via cards and Alipay. If you prefer to pay via bank transfer, please open a ticket. Unfortunately, we currently do not support payments through PayPal and WeChat Pay. Don't forget that for card payments, 3DS authentication is mandatory. We do not accept payments made through JCB due to its high fraud rate.

How long does it take to activate my VM?

Your VM will be activated immediately after your payment is confirmed. Provision time may vary depending on the location and plan you choose, but it usually takes less than 5 minutes. If your VM is still not activated after 15 minutes, please open a ticket and we'll get it sorted for you.

Which operating systems do you offer?

Please refer to the Images page for a list of operating systems we offer. We strive to offer a variety of options to meet your needs.

Do you block any ports?

Yes we do block some ports to prevent abuse. Please refer to the Blocked Ports page for a list of blocked ports. Other than the ports listed on the Blocked Ports page, we do not block any ports.

You can use Ping.Sx (opens in a new tab) to check if a port is blocked. If the port isn't reachable globally and it's not listed on the Blocked Ports page, please check your VM's firewall settings first before opening a ticket.

我们为了防止滥用,确实会屏蔽某些端口。请参考 Blocked Ports 页面查看已屏蔽的端口列表。除了 Blocked Ports 页面上列出的端口,我们不会屏蔽任何其他端口。

您可以使用 Ping.Sx (opens in a new tab) 来检查端口是否被屏蔽。如果该端口在全球范围内无法访问并且未列在 Blocked Ports 页面上,请在提交工单之前先检查您的 VM 防火墙设置。

The routing isn't optimal for my location. What can I do?

We're sorry to hear that the routing isn't optimal for your location. We suggest selecting a location closest to you before purchasing a VM. You can test the latency using the Speedtest (opens in a new tab) page.

In some cases, we may be able to re-route to a different path if the default path isn't optimal. Please open a ticket with your source and destination IP and MTR results, and we'll do our best to assist you.

However, there may be some exceptions where the standard routing profile may not be optimal due to the cost of bandwidth. In this case, please choose the WAN latency optimized routing profile for the best latency. You can find more details on the Regions page.

For our China Mobile users: we kindly request that you refrain from opening a ticket regarding routing issues if you're using the standard routing profile. China Mobile randomly performs traffic policing (opens in a new tab) on non-customer ports, and unfortunately, we have no control over this.

我们建议在购买 VM 之前选择最接近您的位置。您可以使用 Speedtest (opens in a new tab) 页面测试延迟。

但有些情况下,由于带宽成本问题,标准路由配置可能不够优化。在这种情况下,我们建议选择 WAN 延迟优化 路由配置,以获得最佳的延迟体验。更多信息请参考 Regions 页面。


Can I upgrade my plan?

Absolutely! We understand that your needs may change over time, so you can open a ticket to request an upgrade. We'll send you an invoice for the price difference between your current plan and the new plan. We're working on an automatic upgrade system that will be available soon.

Can I downgrade my plan?

Unfortunately, we cannot shrink the disk due to technical limitations. Please order a new VM and migrate your data instead.

When does my traffic usage reset for my VM?

Your traffic usage is measured monthly and it resets on the first day of every month at 01:30 UTC, irrespective of your timezone. For example, if you order a VM on the 15th of the month, your traffic usage will reset on the 1st of the following month.

Is bandwidth usage calculated based on incoming or outgoing traffic?

It varies depending on the instance type. You can find billing details when you order a VM.

  • Sum(In, Out) = Both incoming and outgoing traffic are counted, for example if your VM receives 1TB of traffic and sends 1TB of traffic, your total usage will be 2TB.
  • Max(In, Out) = Only the higher value between incoming and outgoing traffic is counted, for example if your VM receives 1TB of traffic and sends 1TB of traffic, your total usage will be 1TB.

What will happen if I exceed my traffic usage limit?

If you exceed your traffic usage limit, your VM will be suspended until the next billing cycle. You can upgrade to a higher plan that provides more traffic to avoid suspension.

Do you provide unmetered bandwidth?

We do not provide unmetered bandwidth for our VMs. Should you need unmetered bandwidth, please order our IP transit service (can be only delivered through physical cross-connects for now) instead.

Why isn't my traffic usage resetting?

The traffic usage data is cached by our system, so it may not update if there is no new statistics data available. Don't worry, this won't affect your service or billing. The cached data will update once your VM has more measurable traffic.

Could I reset my traffic usage?

Our system calculates traffic usage automatically based on the statistics of our network equipment. Therefore, we do not have the option to reset your traffic usage. However, if you exceed your traffic usage limit, you can upgrade to a higher plan that provides more traffic.

We hope this helps! If you have any other questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.