Private Network

Private Network

We provide three types of private networks: VLAN, Local Only Private Network, and Standard Private Network.

You can find the differences between the three types of private networks in the table below.

The maxmium throuhgput of the private network is 10Gbps for both types of private networks. We reserve the rights to limit the throughput of the private network if it's being abused.

Types of Private Networks

FeatureVLAN (Deprecated)Local Only Private NetworkStandard Private Network
OSILayer 2Layer 3Layer 3
MTUUp to 9000Up to 90001500
IP BroadcastYesNoNo
IP MulticastYesNoNo
Multiple SubnetsN/ANoPlanned
Same-RegionNo ChargeNo ChargeNo Charge
Cross-RegionNoNo ChargePlanned
Available SitesCoreCoreCore + Edge


  • VLAN is deprecated and will be removed in the future.